september 01, 2011


  • skin detox yogi tea (agave nectar / sugar)
  • green smoothie (a few sips)


  • braised kale
  • seafood soy stew
  • eggplant mixture
  • rice pilaf

so for lunch my grandma and i decided to go out and have a picnic. i decided to stop by this place jolo’s kitchen . i don’t know that i’d go here all the time, but it’s nice to know i have a place i can go if i don’t feel like making lunch or dinner. 😀 i like going to all vegan establishments because i don’t have to worry about animal products slipping into my meal! i ordered the 4 side takeout and it was all pretty good. not the most exciting meal i’ve ever had, but happy i didn’t have to cook. on the healthy side too which i needed!


  • 1/2 bag of swedish fish
  • veggie chips (not the healthiest dinner) 😦

 !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!   !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!   !!!  !!!  !!!

so after eating so poorly these past few “hurricane” days… i feel like poo. tonight i watched an extraordinary documentary FORKS OVER KNIVES…. if you haven’t seen it and you are interested in your health and living disease free… i HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. seriously. it’s life changing. if you have netfix, it is streaming on the “watch now” feature….so you can watch it from your computer or tv 😀

so yes, i am vegan. i eat slightly healthier than the average american… but i’m still not where i want to be. i would LOVE to quit sugar. i’ve tried so many times to quit coffee, quit sugar… eat healthier. i eat too much garbage. i bake too much. i’m very over indulgent. i need to “EAT TO LIVE” instead of live to eat. i can still make amazing meals and enjoy dining out from time to time, but i honestly need to make a change.

watching someone i love suffer from diabetes is heart wrenching. it’s not just the 2 shots of insulin and 10 pills per day…. it’s the side effects from diabetes. neuropathy, rashes, hypoglycemia, bone loss, celulitus, infections, etc etc. i wish i could convince my grandmother to eat what i eat, but she is so set in her ways. (i can relate) i still slip in vegan meals every now and again.

so i guess september will be a month of changes. no more sugary snacks. no more baking. no cookies. no ice cream. no garbage. i need a much healthier existence… i need to NOT end up with diabetes. i’m scared to death to test my sugar……

tonight i did yoga. it felt good to be back in the gym!

2 thoughts on “september 01, 2011

  1. So, as your friend and an advocate for a healthier you, I think I figured something out. Your trend is that you always try to quit everything at once! Maybe try quitting sugar/baked goods first, then once you feel the cravings going away slowly take out coffee…I think that might help instead of going cold turkey. :o) Just a suggestion out of love! Miss you lover.

  2. would you like some coffee with your sugar? i drink my coffee with 3-4 tbs of sugar. it’s very very bad. 2-3 cups of coffee every morning. NO BUENO. so it’s not like i’m quitting everything all at one time, i’m quitting sugar.

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