september 03, 2011

a few new cookbooks showed up on my doorstep yesterday….

  1. hearty vegan meals for monster appetites
  2. vegan soups and hearty stews for all season
  3. veg times everything vegan
  4. peas and thank you
  5. the conscious cook

#1 has some really amazing looking dishes, but on the not so healthy spectrum! the torture! why oh why did i order this amazing *but not so healthy* cookbook when i decide to start eating healthy?!? 😦 like captain crunch french toast?!!? UM YES PLEASE GET IN MY MOUTH & BELLY! the fat kid in me wanted to try everything but chose only two recipes instead. i can’t wait to try the french toast though! i bought the *healthier* version gorilla munch instead of captain crunch which has 1,000,000 ingredients i can’t pronounce. i’m sending #4 back. i had high hopes since the blog seems pretty awesome, but the layout of the book was terrible. nothing seemed appetizing to me. i just got frustrated. i don’t want stories & photos about your husband and kids… i just want the gosh darn recipe!!!!! so disappointed! oh well. i have enough new cookbooks to get me through the winter!



  • leftover tempeh salad (out of the bowl)
  • brown rice with earth balance & parma


  • cauliflower mash (with earth balance, nutritional yeast, white pepper, salt & cheddar daiya)
  • peach / strawberry smoothie (frozen peach & strawberries, oat milk, flax meal, agave nectar)


  • popcorn (pan popped in evoo topped with nutritional yeast, salt & garlic powder)

3 thoughts on “september 03, 2011

  1. ok i’m confused. you aren’t a fan of the blog peas and thank you? or you don’t like peas the vegetable? the captain french toast is the the hearty vegan meals cookbook (#1) and i’m making it tomorrow. can’t.freaking.wait.

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