another awesome dinner at blossom…


  • french press of coffee (rice milk / sugar)


  • vega energy bar (after 1 hour of cardio at gym)


  • cashew cream ravioli (appetizer)
  • hickory tempeh dish
  • glass pinot noir
new favorite dish at blossom!

tonight i met a friend in nyc for dinner to catch up & congratulate her on her engagement! we had such a great dinner at blossom! and of course dessert at cocoa v! 😉

since i’m on a tempeh kick the past few months i decided to try something new at blossom and boy was i happy! at first i wanted a lemongrass tofu dish or lasagna, but my always amazing waiter told me this hickory tempeh was one of his favorite dishes, and wow, he’s right… it’s incredible!


mmmmmm nom nom!
  • glass of port
  • chocolate cream cheese cupcake (cocoa v)


normally i don’t skip meals at breakfast & lunch, but i have had a super stressful week and no appetite. i don’t worry about not eating since i normally eat massive amounts of food!!! i listen to my body. my yummy dinner out made up for it!

in other vegan news:

i went to DSW to look for a new bag, and found big buddah bags, wallets & shoes! there was an entire section of vegan purses! i was SHOCKED! i wasn’t impressed with the gold accents on every purse so i didn’t buy anything… (i’m a silver gal) but it’s nice to know that i can find vegan products at such an affordable store! 🙂 yay DSW!!!

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