slow cooker russian chicken!

i made an amazing dish from the hearty vegan meals for monster appetites cookbook. slow cooker russian chicken. OH EM GEE so good. i can’t describe how delicious this is!

russian chicken over brown rice with creamed spinach

i was worried because last winter the lid to my crock pot broke…i thought i wouldn’t be able to use it again this winter…so i emailed the company a few months ago, and they replaced the lid for FREE! nice! so now my crock pot is back in business! 😀 i served the russian “chicken” with brown rice and a side of creamed spinach. YUMMMMM.

       creamed spinach:

  • frozen spinach
  • tofutti cream cheese
  • tofutti sour cream
  • rice milk
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • white pepper
  • nutritional yeast

cook it all together in a pot. yum! i added some daiya mozzarella i wanted to use up…. super yummy creamy cheesy!! so good! grandma liked it too.


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