i love my slow cooker!


  • french press coffee (black with raw sugar)
  • leftover tofu scramble topped with salsa
tofu scramble

i think i forgot to mention yesterday that i used my tofu xpress tofu press. i freaking LOVE it. you have to remember to press the tofu at least 3 hours ahead of time, i did mine overnight… fabulous. i’ve never had tofu so drained before! normally i just waste a million paper towels, squeezing the moisture out… never really gets dry & crumbly. NOW i can make a scramble! i totally recommend investing in a press if you cook with tofu a lot. saves lots of paper towels!


i totally skipped lunch today. i was so busy it slipped my mind. you don’t even want to hear about my day. UGH.


  • leftover chickpea cutlet
  • 1/4 cup quinoa
  • split pea & apple soup (vegan slow cooker cookbook)
what a delicious soup! i LOVE my slow cooker!

i am in love with this slow cooker book. i never knew you could make pizza, bread or seitan in a slow cooker! how much fun! i will definitely be using my crockpot on a weekly basis the next few months! so excited. 😀

leftovers make dinner so easy!


after gym snack:

  • coconut water

in other news:

i’ve been trying to find a good reusable water bottle. i have a plastic one, but saw it was starting to get dingy… and i really just don’t trust plastic. i’ve had metal before and i’m not a fan of metallic tasting water. 😦 so today at whole foods i found my solution! a glass water bottle with rubber casing. it’s amazing. my only complaint is i wish it held more water! so far so good. hopefully i won’t break it!

awesome water bottle!

5 thoughts on “i love my slow cooker!

  1. is there a huge difference in pressed tofu vs. non-pressed? i rarely even press mine with towels mostly because I’m too lazy to bother.

    Also I’ve been meaning to ask you, I have some frozen Tempeh and I have no idea what to do with it…any suggestions?

  2. i’m weird about using towels. i wouldn’t want my tofu to taste like dryer sheets. :O/ i think the press is a fabulous tool for people who eat tofu regularly. and it makes SUCH a difference in scrambles. they shouldn’t be soggy. mine are now restaurant quality! 😉

    i have MANY suggestions for tempeh. it’s my FAVORITE!!!!! i’ll send you links via facebook message.


  3. Nice menu!

    I particularly jealous of the scramble and the split pea soup, although I’m curious about the taste of such a soup with apples.

    I’ve had a slow-cooker for year, but I’ve barely cooked from it. I want to buy a vegan slow cooker book, but I don’t know yet which one to get… there’s the one you mention, plus I think the girl from The Year of the Vegan is publishing one soon, just like Robin Robertson… that’s a lot of choices to me… but that means us vegans can’t complain about that anymore, there are plenty of books to choose from.

    Can you believe I’ve never pressed tofu! Does it make so much of a difference? If so, I should perhaps try to press it with towels, and maybe eventually get the press.

    1. the tofu press is new for me. i just purchased it and it was my first time using it. i don’t like wasting paper towels & the thought of my tofu tasting like detergent or dryer sheets from a towel kinda freaks me out. so the tofu press was pretty cheap & it works well! 🙂 definitely not necessary, but a nice tool to have.

      the reason i chose that split pea recipe was due to the apple. i LOVE split pea soup. i feel like i made it once a week last winter! this was an awesome version! i had everything on hand so decided to try it.

      we do have so many choices now in cookbooks. sadly, i feel like i need them all, and there are so many flooding the market, it’s become quite the obsession for me. i have quite a collection of vegan cookbooks! oy! i need to start setting a limit to how many i purchase.


  4. I’ve got the same problem… it’s just impossible to get them all… and it’s not easy to determine which ones are the best… at least I limit myself to strictly vegan books. Vegetarian books are a bit of a turn off for me… they are all full of cheese, cream, eggs, etc… that doesn’t even sound vegetarian to me, actually!

    I got World Vegan Feast last weekend and I don’t regret it. Well, I don’t really like the layout and colors, and a lot of recipes call for pre-made seitan, but it’s full of recipes I won’t find in regular cookbooks. I tried two recipes so far and I know I will make them again (the poor-man’s pudding and the white cheese sauce).

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