oatmeal + leftovers + curry oh my!


now i’ll have oatmeal for the rest of this week! so much leftover. quite tasty. i love the pumpkin flavor combined with dried cranberries! YUM!


  • leftover chickpea cutlet
  • leftover split pea soup
well this made me laugh! (leftover split pea soup)


cilantro is my all time favorite herb!

the red lentil & cauliflower curry was fantastic. i added peas to the already kinda strange recipe that included parsnips! indian food never feels right without peas. 😀

i love cauliflower!

dinner was delicious. well the carrot fries weren’t cooked enough. my fault entirely… i was cooking chicken (i know GROSS) for my grandmother and i didn’t have the oven set at the right temp for the carrot fries… they were hard and dried out. oh well. next time.

carrot fries

i burned myself taking the carrot fries out of the oven! 😦 ouchie! again, my fault.

THAT is going to leave a mark!


  • tias chips (kettle brand – “vegan doritos”)

i’m getting use to serving meat little by little. it still bothers me… today was the first time in over a year of living here that i cooked raw chicken. BLECH. i can finally crack open an egg to make breakfast for my grams. (even though i still feel it’s like giving an abortion to a chicken) i take great precautions in keeping my dishes, silverware & containers separate from my grandmothers. there is no contamination in this multi-diet household. ;D

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