tempeh tacos, foodswings & I MET SOMEONE FAMOUS!


  • french press coffee (black with sugar)
  • leftover pumpkin spice oatmeal


  • baja-style grilled tempeh tacos (veganomicon cookbook)

i wanted these to knock my socks off…. i mean don’t get me wrong, they were good, but they weren’t amazing for all the effort i put into them.

Grilled Tempeh Baja Tacos

i mean everything was simple to make, but with the marinade, the dressing & the slaw i had three different projects in the fridge and loads of dishes to do.

i thought for sure with the tempeh marinating in cerveza & spices for three hours, that they would be full of flavor and tantalize my tastebuds.

however, it was kind of a fail for me. they were good. but i wasn’t salivating. not as flavorful as i thought they would have.

maybe next time i need to add liquid smoke… something to give it a kick of flavor. or i’ll just have to find a new taco recipe. oh ps i should mention… i HATE beer. blech! i couldn’t taste the beer thankfully. 😀

avocado & lime crema


i went to the thrive foods book launch party in brooklyn tonight.
had to take a picture with my favorite vegan athlete… my best good friend stacey will be oh so jealous. she LOVES him! ha ha. i even told him “my best friend wants to marry you!”  he is such an awesome person and i’ve been a huge vega advocate since beginning my vegan diet. i love vega! now if i could just learn how to run… and train.. and actually call myself an althlete.

had to brag a little. I MET BRENDAN BRAZIER!!!!!!

i couldn’t go to brooklyn and not go to foodswings for dinner. so my friend jenny & i ventured over to williamsburg for some greasy spoon food. nom nom nom. (although i felt quite guilty having left behind the yummy nutritious vegan smoothies & candle 79 food at the book signing!)


  • bbq drumsticks
  • cheese fries with bacon bits
  • peanut butter cookie dough milkshake
  • corn dog
our eyes are bigger than our stomachs!

we shared everything (i only took two sips of the shake). also ordered a chocolate cherry cupcake for the parking attendant because he was so awesome!

chocolate cherry cupcake (originally for parking attendant but came home with me!)

i don’t mind going out for foodswings once in a while… the last time i indulged was my birthday in may…. thank god i don’t live in williamsburg! too tempting!

in all honesty, the food isn’t even that great. it just really makes me miss oakland / san francisco restaurants. the bay knows how to do vegan cuisine. i really don’t feel new york has caught up yet. oh how i miss felinis, cinnaholic, souley vegan, gracias madre, burma superstar, lanesplitter, golden lotus, cha ya vegetarian, papalote, millenium, saturn cafe, herbivore and breakroom cafe. 😦


3 thoughts on “tempeh tacos, foodswings & I MET SOMEONE FAMOUS!

  1. I will leave any man for Brendan! hahaha He can train me, cook for me, and well…do everything for me. :o) ::le sigh:: So jealous….I think I would have been extremely awkward and quiet if I met him…. ::le sigh once more::

    Can we go to Food Swings next time I come??? You need to start running again missy :-p

  2. I was looking forward to making the taco recipe from VCON… it’s the last recipe from the Sammiches chapter I haven’t tried yet. I might add liquid smoke as you suggest.

    I went to Foodswings once when I was visiting NYC and I really loved it… it’s junk food, but it’s so goddamn good.

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