september 15 – 18

well well well. looks like i’ve fallen behind. honestly, you haven’t missed much. i haven’t been to the gym. i haven’t had any smoothies. i’ve actually been eating two meals per day. i started a new flickr project (my second year of 365 – one self portrait every day for a year)… and dealing with some emotional friend stuff and family stuff. so there was lack of time and focus on eating and blogging about eating. i’ll leave you with some highlights of the past few days. 😀

fresh fruit & coconut milk yogurt
  • slow cooker pot pie (no crust – just biscuits on top)
  • strawberries & blueberries over coconut milk yogurt
  • tempehitan burger (hearty vegan meals for monster appetites)
  • vegan coleslaw
  • lots and lots of coffee
  • pumpkin donuts / chocolate chip donuts (not for me – for a friend – i had one of each!)
last nights dinner!

so you see, not much to write about. instead of posting my daily food intake, i’m thinking of just posting a few times per week with the highlights of what i made. less time consuming…. less boring for you. 😉

on a serious note, everyone needs to try the tempehitan burgers from hearty vegan meals cookbook.
seriously, it is amazing. so much flavor and so quick & easy to make. i’m in love!


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