day 2 of juice

carrot / apple juice

8 am juice:  8 carrots & 3 apples

noon juice: 3 kale, 3 celery, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2″ ginger, 4 red cabbage leaves, 4 broccoli, 1 tomato

pulp is pretty!

5pm juice: 8 carrots, 3 apples & 2 celery

8pm cheat: spirulina cashew bar (raw)
it’s so hard to not eat anything. so much harder than i thought….

i feel okay today… other than the wicked “i miss my coffee” headache. 😦 i didn’t do too much. relaxed a lot. took grandma & miyagi to the park. read. tomorrow i have errands & cleaning to do. i’m sure i’ll muster up the energy. maybe i’ll even make it to the gym tomorrow night! that would be wonderful.

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