day 3 of juice

just keep juicing just keep juicing just keep juicing juicing juicing

8 am juice: carrot – apple – celery

noon juice: carrot (from mrs greens)

5:30pm juice: red cabbage – celery – apple – carrot – cucumber

dinner: crispy kale (kale, nutritional yeast, pinch of salt, tsp olive oil, tahini)

crispy kale

so i decided to give into my craving for crispy kale today… i figure the kale in my fridge was going to go bad (really wasn’t a fan of kale juice, no worries, i have spinach!) so i made a big batch of crispy kale and gobbled it up in seconds! my headache was not as bad today, but still there. i don’t think i can ever give up coffee 100%. i miss it so much. 😦

day 1 weight: 151 pounds
day 3 weight: 145 pounds

3 thoughts on “day 3 of juice

  1. I’ve never tried to eat juice for a meal, let alone for a whole day… I’m sure it’d do my body some good, although I would be so hungry I think.

    What do you do with the pulp?

  2. Oooo, just thought about this. You should throw some Daikon in. Daikon is pretty much a natural diuretic if you wanna flush out some more toxins!

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