dinner at candle cafe

i love venturing into nyc for vegan yummy goodness. it means i don’t have to cook…. and i can sit back, relax and enjoy some delicious food and great company! i met up with tori, her best friend lauren, and lauren’s family for some vegan goodness at candle cafe.

i ordered the seitan fajitas… super super tasty! i really enjoyed them (even though i was a bit bummed they didn’t come out on a sizzle plate!) 😉

Seitan Fajitas @ Candle Cafe NYC

i wasn’t going to get dessert until someone mentioned they saw cheesecake listed on the special menu. SOLD. i am a cheesecake connoisseur! i haven’t had it since probably last christmas…. it was so yummy. my slice was topped with some sort of berry jam. totally delicious! mmmmmmmm!

berry cheesecake! mmmmmmmmmm!

i thoroughly enjoyed my dinner (as did the 4 non vegans at the table!). i will definitely come back again for a third time. i like that it’s less fancy than it’s sister candle 79. sometimes you just don’t need the fancy. sad i didn’t bump into owen wilson this time… oh welllllll maybe i’ll see someone famous next time! ;D


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