road trip to buffalo…

so i have an aunt & uncle that live in grand island, ny. (near niagra falls for those of you that don’t know new york) truly a wonderful place to visit. i know the drive up has NOTHING vegan friendly (unless i want nasty subway sandwich…no thanks) so i brought some snacks for lunch.


-spinach/artichoke hummus
-black bean chips
-peanut butter filled pretzels
-kale chips
-banana (shared with miyagi)

when we got to buffalo my aunt had a spaghetti squash cooked up for me… i just added some daiya mozzarella (i didn’t want it to go bad at home so i brought it in the cooler!) and marinara sauce. also had some whole wheat spaghetti & marinara. dinner was GOOD! i love my aunt! my parents don’t ever cater to my diet…. my aunt is so wonderful about it.

thank you aunt jayn!

this morning i took a quick trip to wegmans, a local grocery store that puts all other grocery stores (including publix & whole foods) to shame. if i had a wegmans in westchester, i’d be set. they have a HUGE selection of vegan, organic, gluten free & LOCAL produce! i love love love wegmans. i bought $48 worth of food to eat while i’m here….

-1 spaghetti squash
-2 vanilla coconut yogurts
-sunshine burgers
-rye bread
-soy free veganeise
-tofurky lunch meats
-baby carrots
-2 mahalo bars (NOMMMMMMMM)
-kale chips
-tangerine licorice (looked interesting!)
-2 large cans chickpeas


that should be fine for all of my lunches! i’d like to try some vegan restaurants in downtown buffalo too, but i’m on a budget…. so when i’m here at my aunt & uncle’s house at least i have some food to eat!


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