as much as i adore buffalo, it is not the most evolved city i’ve traveled to. especially where healthy eating is concerned. there are a few downtown eateries that boast vegan options, but nothing 100% vegan that i found.

my favorite vegan friendly restaurant in buffalo is merge. ( yelp!  ~ website )

the first time i went to merge was to see my uncle’s band play ( birdie cree ) this was last year when i first moved to new york and really hadn’t had many dinners out. i ordered myself an appetizer of buffalo seitan wings, a dinner of stuffed acorn squash & a cheesecake for dessert. the food was really good. i enjoyed every bite and was really just happy to be scarfing down a meal i didn’t have to make myself. i didn’t really pay too much attention to the menu or the restaurant itself. the live / local music is a real plus to the atmosphere. 😀

my second trip to buffalo this past week… i decided to try merge for lunch and fell totally in love. i ordered the vegan po boy, the smothered sweet potato fries & the circulation enhancer smoothie with coconut milk. i loved every bite & sip of everything i ordered. it was truly delicious. i can’t wait to go back to buffalo and try more items on their menu.

vegan po boy sandwhich served with a side salad
circulation enhancer smoothie with coconut milk

i can’t WAIT to try and re-create this smoothie. it was SUPER delicious!!!! (blueberries, ginger, cinnamon, apple juice, lemon, maple syrup, ice and coconut milk) like the best smoothie i’ve ever had.

smothered sweet potato fries

the staff is super friendly & outgoing. no snobbery or holier-than-thou vegan attitudes here! if you’re ever in the buffalo / niagra falls area you HAVE to try merge! you can thank me later. 😉

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