minty wellness… a vegan spa, hotel & more

so while on my buffalo vacation, i decided to treat myself to a spa day… after all, i deserve it! there is a vegan spa an hour outside of buffalo in this quaint town surrounded by farmland. minty wellness is definitely off the beaten path, but TOTALLY worth the one hour trek.

welcome to minty wellness
located an hour outside of the buffalo area

i chose three spa services. i started with an exfoliating scrub, a one hour massage and ended with a facial. all the products that minty wellness carries are vegan. the scrub was something i’ve never done before and was totally wonderful. my skin was glowing & hydrated from the coconut oil. 😀 the one hour massage was focused on my shoulders (and my “wings” as i like to call them) where i store all of my stress. after this massage i decided i need to go at least once a month for a deep tissue massage. my upper back is JACKED UP. the massage therapist was awesome and catered to each issue we discussed. the esthetician who did my facial was truly incredible. we sat and talked about my concerns with my skin. she gave me advice and the facial was wonderful.

reception area in the spa
vichy room

the vichy room is where i had the scrub done. i didn’t get to utilize the massaging shower heads above the table, but it is something i definitely look forward to next time! 😀

the decor is adorable

after my spa treatments were complete, i moved into the dining area for a late lunch. the menu has a little bit of everything… mostly all organic and 100% vegan. lots of raw options to choose from. i loved every bite of my lunch! 🙂

southwestern salad

i didn’t feel like pigging out after all my treatments…so i opted for healthier choices than i would normally make. my salad was really delicious. for the main course i ordered the veggie burger tacos – kind of on a southwest / mexican kick i guess. 😉

veggie burger tacos

and for dessert, because you all know i can not resist the sugar………

pumpkin cheesecake

i couldn’t figure out the sauce but OH EM GEE was this amazing. you know i’m a sucker for cheesecake…. this one was truly one of my all time favorite vegan cheesecakes. the walnuts & syrup were over the top good! 😀

after lunch, one of the directors took me on a tour of all of the guest rooms… i am so sorry i didn’t get to stay here for a few days… the rooms are all unique and a great place for peace and quiet.

a guest room

each room has either a king size bed or two double beds. the bedding is all organic. the color schemes are all pleasing to the eyes and so calming. i kind of wanted to lay down and take a nap during the tour. seriously.

fabulously decorated bathrooms!
lovely spaces

minty wellness should totally cater to vegan weddings. the facilities are PERFECT for a beautiful vegan wedding. i seriously want to bring all of my friends here and have a spa weekend for my next birthday.

minty wellness offers so much more than just facials & massages. they also perform colonics…. something i have yet to try….

i can not wait to go again. so many other spa treatments i want to try out… yummy vegan food to try…. and fun rooms to stay in.

1961 Church Rd
Darien Center, NY 14040
(585) 591-3939



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