a healthier me

i’m baaaaaaaaaaack. 😉


  • green smoothie: spinach, hemp milk, ground flaxseed, 1/2 packet vega smoothie infusion, frozen strawberries, frozen banana, frozen pineapple  YUM
  • peanut butter hot cocoa
Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa Ingredients

so my new obsession for the coming cold months: peanut butter hot cocoa. i basically just add organic peanut butter to my rice/hemp/almond milk while it’s heating on the stove. stir it up real good. and add it to the cocoa in my mug. top with 3 sweet & sara marshmallows. #BestThingEver i’m seriously obsessed with pb hot cocoa now. peanut butter makes EVERYTHING better.


  • thai coconut pumpkin soup (leftovers from last night) (recipe from the vegan slow cooker cookbook)
  • chickpea salad (one can chickpeas, veganese, relish, spicy mustard, salt & pepper, melted daiya)


chick-un with creamed spinach
  • gardein chick’n scallopini sauteed in evoo & freshly squeezed lemon (with oregano, s&p, thyme, basil & paprika)
  • creamed spinach (1/2 bag frozen spinach, 1 tub vegan cream cheese, nutritional yeast, s&p, minced garlic, mozzarella & cheddar daiya)

so i’ve been on a break from my blog… i guess trying to balance all of my little projects proved to be too much. i’m working on a year long self portrait project, a 52 week project of miyagi, my crochet stuff, lots of traveling and a new relationship. and now i just became obsessed with the vampire diaries (no thanks to netflix!). so needless to say, this blog has not been my top priority…

…until i realized i kind of NEED this blog. to keep me healthy. balanced. i have developed some bad habits. i’ll over eat for days on end… and then i’ll eat nothing for a few days in a row. i need to learn self control & balance with my diet. i need to not eat 2 candy bars in a day. i want to be super fit and healthy and the way i’m eating the past month is NOT going to help me meet my goals.

so the past few days i’ve been a bit better. eating more. smoothies. juicing. good stuff. i lost ten pounds during my juice fast a few weeks ago. 😀 that made me super happy. the ten pounds is still gone and i’ve got some new cute skinny jeans! i still have at least ten more to go… but i want to do it the right way… and starving myself is NOT the right way.

so i’ll be back to my daily food journal style posts. 😀 back to a healthy me.


One thought on “a healthier me

  1. Your food looks good.

    I’ll definitely melting some peanut butter in some milk with cocoa power… must be good. Sometimes, I just boil water and add cinnamon, nutmeg and spices like that, along with a bit of Blackstrap molasses, and then add some milk and heat it up. I find it’s a nice substitute to coffee, but I’m curious to add peanut butter to it.

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