no cooking kinda day…


  • french press of coffee (with coconut vanilla creamer & MUCH LESS SUGAR)


  • boca burger & fries
friendlys has boca burgers

i hate friendlys. like despise them. after living in oakland / san fran and being spoiled with vegan restaurants everywhere… going into your neighborhood friendlys, IHOP, fridays, red lobster, applebees, etc PISSES ME OFF. watching people mindlessly stuff their faces with disgusting processed CRAP that has zero nutritional value. so disgusting. friendlys is the worst. and although they have a boca burger, i always leave feeling sick to my stomach. my grams won’t go out to eat if i don’t eat too… and i know she LOVES friendlys… so i tolerate it for her. but ew. so disgusting. it was an all around bad experience… i told the waitress just plain vanilla icecream for my grams.. it comes to the table with fudge & whipped cream. SERIOUSLY!?!?! you’re giving a diabetic hot fudge & whipped cream? i hate you and your horrible service. i don’t think i’ll be bringing grams back any time soon. i’ll take her for “chinese” which is actually sushi. 😀 much better for my belly AND hers. oy!


  • five flavored “chicken”
  • sweet and sour “chicken chunks”
  • wonton soup
  • peanut butter hot cocoa with sweet and sara marshmallows
vegan delivery!!

so my amazing wonderful girlfriend ordered vegan chinese (Veggie Heaven) for dinner! so yummy. i ordered the five flavored chicken that had chinese broccoli & sun dried tomatoes. pretty darn tasty. i tried some of her sweet & sour chicken which was really good…but the color just scares me! 😦 all of the food was pretty yummy… and you can’t beat a place that delivers! i didn’t realize new jersey had any vegan places. although the food was delish, it still doesn’t compare to my beloved golden lotus in oakland. *le sigh*


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