snow in october… kitchen time!

so what a weird day in new york. around 11:00 EST we started getting heavy wet snowfall. and at 6:00pm it is STILL snowing… what a strange October / FALL day. what gives mother nature?!?!?!

view from my kitchen window


  • green smoothie: frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, frozen peaches, ripe banana, vanilla hemp milk, 1/2 packet vega smoothie infusion, maca powder, flaxseed meal, fresh spinach
  • smooth move CHOCOLATE tea 😀


so for lunch today, i made my grandmother beef hot dogs & sauerkraut with onions… which is one of her all time favorite meals (i know… GROSS) so i felt like eating a similar meal… so i made my field roast sausages with some sauerkraut… and it was quite tasty. 😀

sausages & sauerkraut for lunch
  • field roast apple sage sausages
  • sauerkraut
  • spicy mustard / horseradish spread
topped with spicy horseradish mustard


  •  peanut butter hot cocoa with 3 sweet & sara marshmallows


  • eggplant & chickpea curry (appetite for reduction cookbook)
  • wild rice
nice warm meal for this wintery evening!


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