what i ate this week…

so i totally failed at updating food journal style this week. what can i say? i’m a busy girl. so i guess i’ll just give you the highlights. i got my appetite back so i’ve been having at least 2-3 meals a day! 😀

tofu scramble: tofu, daiya cheddar, gimme lean sausage, zucchini, tomato, spinach

tofu scrambles make me happy

split pea soup from the appetite for reduction cookbook (but added field roast apple sage sausage)
tamarind bbq tempeh with sweet potatoes from appetite for reduction cookbook (served with shaved brussel sprouts & vegan stuffing— i wanted to try stuffing in a bag. i’ll probably never do that again!)
shaved brussel sprouts from appetite for reduction cookbook

tamarind bbq tempeh with sweet potatoes, shaved brussel sprouts & stuffing
leftovers: curry, wild rice & spaghetti squash a la stephie

eggplant & chickpea curry from appetite for reduction cookbook (served with wild rice)
pumpkin smoothie (spinach, rice milk, coconut yogurt, 1 cup canned pumpkin, pumpkin spice, frozen banana)

and of course lots & lots of leftovers. one morning for breakfast i had the leftover bean balls from 10/31 with marinara & smothered in daiya mozzarella! SUPER YUM!

i did good with sweets this week… i only had two pieces of that banana loaf i made… and then one rice crispie treat from sweet & sara because whole foods had it & i had never tried it before ;D so everything i ate was fairly healthy… just need to cut back on my portions again….

last night i took grandma out for “chinese” which is actually sushi (but i get her cooked food!). i had my normal avocado roll, avocado peanut roll & the greenpeace roll that has all sorts of yumminess in it! 🙂 i know for sure it has mango in it & topped with kiwi. yummmmm!

sushi dinner at wild ginger in bronxville

in an effort to save money this week i might not cook too much. i see a lot of tempeh salad, chickpea salad and tofu scrambles in my near future. my very vegan friend rachel is coming into town (hopefully friday) so i have to save my cooking energy & money for next weekend! and tonight… tonight i’ll be going to nyc for dinner. so. excited.


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