another fantastic dinner at blossom….

so my girlfriend, jenn, has never been to blossom (or candle 79, candle cafe, caravan of dreams, etc etc). so i decided we needed to a night out in nyc for dinner… so happy we went to blossom. jenn is THE pickiest vegan i have EVER met in my entire life. it’s not a bad thing… in fact i think it’s funny because all of my friends are moderately obsessed with my cooking… and my girlfriend has yet to freak out over anything i’ve made for her (except the chili & cornbread). so cooking for her has been a bit of a challenge to say the least.

seitan scallopini & lasagna at blossom

i was actually anxious to see if she could even find something on the menu that she would eat. we ordered the seitan scallopini (because seriously who DOESN’T like it?!?!) and the lasagna. both were really good and we washed it down with some organic wine!

for dessert we ventured across the street to cocoa v (shocker, right?)… jenn had two salted caramels & a butterfinger shake (YUM) and i had a glass of port with the chocolate cream cheese cupcake that i devoured last trip.i also took home some goodies to try (hot chocolate – can’t wait!!!) i’m so glad we went… now i won’t have any trouble convincing her to come back to cocoa v! 😉

jenn enjoying her butterfinger shake!

Blossom Restaurant
187 9th Avenue
New York, NY

Cocoa V
174 9th Avenue
New York, NY

if you ever have the chance to dine in these restaurants, i HIGHLY recommend them both. i do believe they are my favorite in all of new york… but i do have some more to exploring to do! 😉


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