eliminating the bad stuff…

so my favorite aunt came to town. she brought me a bag of my favorite candy bars (go max) and stopped at a vegan bakery in NYC for some vegan cookies. all the junk she bought for me was gone by the end of the weekend. 😦 did i mention i might be PMSing? not that it’s an excuse…but well… it kind of is. so i feel gross. and fat. so i’m trying yet again to eliminate the junk i’ve been gorging on… and lose a few more pounds. since thanksgiving i’ve probably gained about 5 pounds back. MEH. so here’s day one of my “diet”.


  • french press coffee (coconut creamer / 2 tbs sugar)


  • broccoli “cheddar” soup (basically just fresh broccoli, rice milk, 2 small waxy white potatoes, salt & pepper heated until broccoli is tender & then blended until creamy with immersion blender and topped with daiya cheddar shreds) so good! and pretty healthy!
  • cooked spaghetti squash (had some leftover spaghetti squash i added to the soup)
  • rye toast with earth balance & nutritional yeast


stuffed squash!
  • stuffed carnival squash
  • wild rice, cranberries, walnuts


  • popcorn (popped on stovetop in olive oil) with nutritional yeast & salt

so i’m going to make an effort to not eat any sweets and try to cut out wheat as best i can…. i am beginning to think my skin issues might be from not sugar alone, but wheat as well. this will be a tough one for me… but i bought a bunch of fruits & veggies to eat this week… so hopefully i can lose a few pounds and maybe clear up my skin in the process?

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