day two of dieting…


  • large dunkin donuts coffee (coconut creamer at home, 2 tbs sugar)


millet and greens!
  • millet & greens (recipe from THRIVE cookbook by brendan brazier)
  • leftover chickpea patty (appetite for reduction cookbook) with some ketchup! i like them cold right out of the fridge. super yummy!


  • asparagi pizza (at pala in nyc)
asparagus / tomato / vegan sausage / daiya

went to the city last night to see my friends band play (if you like strings / great music check em out) and stopped for dinner on the way. pala was right around the corner so we ate some pizza. i was kind of bummed that they won’t make the pizza to order. several of them have mushrooms. i don’t eat mushrooms. they won’t leave the mushrooms off. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!? i think i’ll have to find another vegan friendly pizza joint that DOES cater to my wishes. 😦

and i’d like to add that i went into cake shop which has a very nice selection of vegan cakes, cookies & whoopie pies… and i didn’t have ANYTHING. go me! my girlfriend even tried to get me to taste her chocolate chip cookie… and i declined. (i am pretty much over sweets at this point from my cookie / candy bar filled weekend!) 😉


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