i heart bok choy

so a few days ago a friend posted a picture of a bok choy salad on facebook. i salivated. it looked delicious! i ADORE bok choy but never thought to use it in a salad…. i always use it in my chick-un noodle soup! so today at whole foods i picked up a few things & grabbed some extra bok choy…

super healthy delicious lunch!

i had a LOVELY lunch of chick-un noodle soup (batch #2 to get rid of this cold!) & bok choy salad. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy! such a delicious healthy lunch! i found a TON of recipes for the bok choy salad via google. it was super easy to make and REALLY yummy!

bok choy salad

i had three mugs of “cold season” yogi hot tea today. lots of vitamins. lots of water. some crispy kale i found on sale at whole foods. i really don’t have too much of an appetite being sick, but i’m forcing myself to eat healthy so i get better quickly. i can’t afford to be sick!

for dinner i ate some bok choy salad leftovers…if i get hungry i’ll just heat up some leftover soup. i know very exciting.

i’ve been craving raw foods lately so i think i’ll incorporate mostly raw into my diet until i crave something cooked. 😉 now if i could just feel better so i can start working out…

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