still nursing a cold…

so i haven’t been cooking a lot, but i have been eating. i’ve been sticking to green smoothies for breakfast every day…. this morning i made one with frozen blueberries, fresh strawberries, banana, green apple, spinach leaves, rice milk, and vega smoothie infusion. i always give my grams a 4 oz glass of whatever smoothie i make and she says they taste better than ice cream! πŸ˜€

i’ve been eating simple things like chick-un noodle soup, chickpea salad, etc. last night i was craving comfort food so i made this weird canned food concoction of white potatoes, peas, (frozen) corn & boca burger crumbles. someone i use to know made this for me once and i liked it. so i recreated it adding a bunch of seasoning & daiya cheddar! it helped with the comfort food craving!

i’ve been snacking a whole bunch on crispy kale, seaweed snacks & primal strips vegan jerky. hey at least it’s not cookies & ice cream, right?!?!?

i’m still doubling up on vitamins… i’m still coughing, but feel a lot better than last week! can’t wait to start cooking and eating normal meals again! πŸ˜‰


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