raw-some day!

i woke up feeling worse than yesterday… and here i thought i was getting better! booooo! 😦 so i started my morning with a handful of vitamins and that silver stuff… some hot tea (yogi – cold season) with agave. i made soaked some oat groats last night and made “whole oatmeal” from the book raw for one or two people. it’s basically soaked oat groats, apple, maple syrup and almond milk. YUM! great way to start the morning. 😀

red bell pepper with walnut pate

for lunch i made some walnut pate (recipe from same “cook”book!) and served it over raw red bell pepper. so yum! so healthy! i feel light today! although i’m still sneezing and coughing. hopefully all the vitamins & healthy eating will make me better!

i was craving my daily smoothie this afternoon so i made a chocolate peanut butter banana shake! yum! i used 2 frozen bananas, 2 tbs of natural peanut butter, 2 tbs of cocoa & 1+ cups of rice milk. grandma loved this treat! i always share my smoothies with her! unfortunately my plastic blender has a crack in it… he he he darn! now i have to upgrade to the vitamix i’ve been pining after for the past six years! 😉 can not wait!

i am still feeling pretty sick and wasn’t in the mood for dinner so i ate dessert instead. from the “raw for one or two people” cookbook. i made the banana pudding & the chocolate mousse and made a parfait. added some sliced bananas & strawberries. it was SUPER delicious & healthy! i love raw desserts so much! less guilt when indulging!! 😀

raw desserts are healthy AND delicious!


i really hope i wake up feeling 99% better. i’m so over this cold! 😦


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