cooking for one.

so this past week my grandmother was admitted to the hospital and will be there until tuesday or possibly even later. so i’ve been at the hospital 6-8 hours a day…. so i haven’t really wanted to slave away in the kitchen… but i did cook a bit. 😉

roasted root veggies


so robin robertson posted this RECIPE on her facebook page the other day and i immediately wanted it. so i went home and made it one night after a long hospital visit. and it was nice to have some leftovers the next day! this recipe was ridiculously easy and SOOOOOOOOOOO delish! i highly recommend it to everyone!

mmmmmm. roasted goodness!

i was also craving pizza. shocker right? so i made a pizza and inhaled it in less than 24 hours. #NoCarbLeftBehind added some gardein strips to my white pizza! mmmmmm. yum. and it’s freaking freezing outside so this was a no brainer! nom nom nom.

pizza goodness

other than this i’ve been eating easy stuff. a bagel with vegan “turkey” salad. smoothies, shakes & tofu scrambles. nothing crazy difficult or time consuming since i’m exhausted!

hope everyone is having a delicious holiday weekend!


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