my favorite veggie burgers…

have you ever had the pleasure of trying a hemp burger? if you haven’t you are missing out my friends! originally i found this recipe in an issue of VegNews from like 2008 (maybe earlier). then i found the same recipe in one of my many cookbooks years later! score!!!



these spicoli burgers rock! i put two patties on a toasted bagel with some spinach, tomato and vegan mayo. DELISH. in the past i always made these with sweet potato fries. NOM NOM NOM. seriously if you like veggie burgers… you MUST give hemp a try!

in the next few days i might be participating in a juice fast… told my friend i’d join her on her journey! (she’s in the midst of a ten day fast)… however… she is in south florida (WARM) and i am in new york (EXPECTING SNOW TONIGHT) so i’m thinking i’ll do juice / smoothie / soup fast this week instead. a juice fast while it’s snowing outside just doesn’t seem right….


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