liquid diet kind of day…


  • green smoothie: fresh apple, banana, spinach, blueberries, frozen strawberries, vega smoothie infusion, flax meal & coconut water. YUMMMMMM! i chose to only use one frozen fruit because it’s freezing outside… so it was less icy more juicy. ;D (blender)


  • carrot / apple / spinach juice (juicer)
miyagi loves snacking while i'm chopping up my fruit & veggies!


  • lemon chickpea lentil soup (eat, drink & be vegan cookbook) this soup was really easy to make & SUPER DELICIOUS !! !! !! my grandmother enjoyed it too! warm & hearty for this cold winter evening.

i made hemp burgers last week from deena burton’s “eat, drink & be vegan” cookbook and forgot how many great recipes are in that book! haven’t flipped through it in years! so today i made my dinner from it… and i’m planning on making a few other recipes in the next few days. i need to revisit all my old cookbooks. 😉


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