veganize it!


  • french press starbucks coffee


  • bok choy salad (bok choy, ground almonds, raisins, homemade dressing)
  • lentil chickpea soup (leftovers)
mmmmmm. good lunch!


  • crock pot mexican feast
  • brown rice

so lately a lot of my facebook friends have been posting yummy recipes that are far from vegan… so today i took two of those amazing looking recipes and made them vegan.

the first recipe was this RECIPE a facebook friend pinned on pinterest. it called for a bag of frozen chicken, frozen corn, black beans, cream cheese & diced tomatoes.

my VEGAN version consisted of:
-one box of frozen corn
-two cans black beans, rinsed well
-large can organic diced tomatoes
-one tub tofutti cream cheese
-one red bell pepper, chopped
-one bag of gardein chick’n scallopini, chopped

30 minutes before serving i added daiya cheddar, fresh cilantro, chopped green onions & seasonings (cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper) to the crock pot! it is the easiest dinner ever. i made dinner at 9am! score!

fiesta dinner!

i also made a batch of brown rice. i have a super easy – no fail recipe for that too! i got the recipe from a PETA brochure that i’ve saved since 2007. i probably picked it up at sublime when i was living in florida! 😉

-heat oven to 350
-bring 4 cups water or stock to a boil
-add 2 cups brown rice to casserole dish (that has lid)
-add the 4 cups boiling water to the 2 cups of brown rice
-cover / bake for 50-60 minutes

my brown rice seriously comes out perfect every time. super easy, right?


  • oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies

the next recipe that has been intriguing me for the past year or so… oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies! i’ve seen them on blog after blog after blog. and i want them. so i made them vegan (which i’m very sure has been done already by many vegans!) i used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from robin robertson’s “the joy of vegan baking” cookbook & stuffed em with newman o’s. 😉


YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. they were OUTSTANDING! grandma LOVED the cookie i gave her. {not recommended for diabetics} although i DID cut the sugar from the chocolate chip cookie recipe. it called for 3/4 cup white & 3/4 cup brown sugars… i used 1/3 of each. 😀 i figured the sugar from the oreos & chocolate chips was enough! i didn’t want them to be overly sweet.

One thought on “veganize it!

  1. I love oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I’d let you make them for me. 😉 Until then, I’ll stick to my non-vegan version. I love butter too much. Haha. ❤

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