guess who got a vitamix????

i’ve only been wishing for one for the past S I X years!!!

woohoooo! she's arrived!
can't wait to plug this baby in!


i think by the photos you can tell i was a little excited about getting this vitamix. i named her miss mix-a-lot.

i’m even bringing her along on our trip to florida!!!

welcome home miss mix-a-lot! i hope you like your new kitchen! 😀

so happy together! ;o)

we are gong to make so many smoothies, raw meals & raw desserts together! i love you miss mix-a-lot! 😉

the vegetarian / vegan edition!
so much more than a blender!

this is by far my FAVORITE kitchen appliance… and i haven’t even had her a week  yet! she is powerful and can do so much more than the average blender. i think cleaning her is my favorite part! (just add a drop of soap & water & blend on high!) yipppppeeeee! happy vegan over here!


One thought on “guess who got a vitamix????

  1. OK, I’m *super* jealous!

    My aunt just got one, and I have plans on breaking into her house and stealing it. Ok well maybe not, but I am saving for one of my very own!

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