cooking outside of my kitchen…

so i’m really OCD about cooking. especially when i’m cooking in a non-vegan environment. ick! so from february 06 – march 02 i was doing just that. way out of my comfort zone. i made the simplest things possible. chickpea salads, gardein meals & avocado sammies! i did eat out a lot too though. south florida is very vegan friendly!

i swear i could eat chickpea salad every day!

so give me a can of chickpeas and i’m a happy girl. so easy to make. so portable. love it. one can chickpeas – vegan mayo – relish – tomatoes – salsa – add anything you would to your tuna salad! 😀 om nom  nom nom.

veggie rolls from publix & a green smoothie!

i’m a big fan of publix. those of you from florida or georgia know what i’m talking about! ;D best grocery store ever. well maybe not as awesome as wegmans (upstate NY) but pretty damn good! i love their sushi rolls, veggie subs and their greenwise section makes my heart happy! 😀

Publix sub: lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles. I added vegan mayo & guacamole & tofurky meat!
sprouts, tomato, avocado, spinach, vegan mayo on vegan bread!

i use to live off avocado sammies when i lived in california. new york just doesn’t have good avocados! florida has a good selection… so i picked some up and indulged in my favorite sandwich! mmmmm.

yup. this happened.

so whole foods in plantation, fl had a sale on my favorite holiday roast. so guess what i had for breakfast lunch & dinner while i was stuck in my parents house without a car for a few days…… ;D

so yum!

i miss cooking from scratch, but when you’re in someone else’s house it’s not always that easy! i think i did a pretty good job! 😉 i was never hungry that’s for sure!

i brought my vitamix to florida with me! green smoothies almost every morning!!!

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