brooklyn food vacation {day one}

march 14, 2012

so my relatives are in town visiting and i acquired a few days off so my girlfriend flew in and we had a mini food vacation in brooklyn for 4 nights! so much fun. brooklyn is so vegan friendly. and cute. and part of me yearns to live there.

first day of food… we started at sun in bloom (in park slope) for lunch before an afternoon at the spa!

acai crunch smoothie

i started with the Acai Crunch Smoothie: Soy Mylk, Acai Berries, Strawberries,  Banana, LIVE Granola, Apple Cider Vinegar. it was alright. 😉 not the best smoothie i’ve ever had but it was pretty decent.

Sun In Bloom Restaurant
Kale Salad

we split a Kale Salad massaged w/ Sesame Ginger Dressing. yum. love me some kale!

Western Burrito

we shared this western burrito (which was NOTHING like a burrito, let’s just call it what it is and that’s a wrap!) and it was okay. it was very much a coleslaw wrap, but whatevs. healthy. filling. did the trick.

overall i wasn’t freaking out over the menu here. it was okay. i like healthy but the items i tried didn’t make me want to come back again. cute restaurant though and worlds smallest bathroom. true story.

tea & coffee in park slope

for dinner we ventured out to new york city to meet up with some new pals. we went to wild ginger (which i had been once before and loved it). dinner was awesome. glad our non-vegan friends loved the food as well! 😀

Summer Rolls @ Wild Ginger

the spring rolls were really delish! the moo-shu dipping sauce was really yummy!

Baked Eggplant Appetizer

the baked eggplant with miso sauce is my favorite eggplant dish ever. it is super tasty and i love how tender the eggplant is prepared! love love love! if you ever try wild ginger you MUST order the baked eggplant! 😀

Bi-Bim Bop Entree

korean style coconut rice bowl topped with seitan, avocado, green & black seaweed, chickpeas, spinach, mango salsa & kimchee. super delicious meal! nom nom nom!

i would say day one of our food vacation was a total success. and super healthy! 😀


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