brooklyn food vacation {day two}

so i have been following this dun-well doughnut place on twitter or facebook or something since they opened. always reading about these nommy sounding donuts. and you KNOW i’m a donut fanatic. so of course i had to stop by this williamsburg donut shop! πŸ˜€

butter pecan VEGAN donought.
our breakfast. peanut butter jelly & butter pecan!
butter pecan donut

i honestly wanted to take a dozen and bring them home with me…. but i refrained from doing so. i freaking LOVED this place. like if i lived in brooklyn i’d be here every single day nomming on donuts. it was amazing. the donuts are more krispy kreme like than cakey. (i prefer krispy kreme to cakey). the frostings were on point. everything was delish. the coffee. the creamer selections. the donut flavors. everything. the shop is super cute and in a decent location. LOVE IT. definitely suggest checking it out if you happen to be in brooklyn ever. πŸ˜€

after our sugar induced coma we walked from the donut shop to another section of williamsburg. we did some window shopping / exploring of the neighborhoods and decided to have a no carb left behind kind of day…. vegan pizza for lunch! NOM.

vinnie’s pizza (williamsburg)

we decided to try 1/2 hawaiian and 1/2 vegan mac attack. i LOVED the vegan mac attack. carb overload. who wouldn’t love macaroni on a pizza drizzled in hot sauce!?!?!?!? and we ate the WHOLE pizza (even after the donut breakfast). YUM. πŸ˜€ i am LOVING this food vacation.

Hawaiian Pizza
Vegan Mac Attack Pizza OH.MY.NOMMMMMMMM.

can you believe after the breakfast and lunch we consumed we were STILL HUNGRY for dinner? originally the plan was to go to blossom and cocoa v…. but to my disappointment, cocoa v is CLOSED. 😦 😦 😦 😦 i almost cried. okay i teared up. it’s now blossom bakery. i was so upset i decided to go to candle 79 instead…to cheer myself up. πŸ˜‰ and i wanted my chef to enjoy a fancy shmancy vegan dinner.

candle 79
spinach ravioli appetizer
pumpkin crusted seitan (special)

everything was amazing (as per usual) but the entree was to die for. i seriously loved it more than any entree i’ve ever tried there. SO SO SO SO SO good. i wish it was in their new cookbook!

brussel sprouts salad
chocolate & peanut butter with a berry coulis

sorry for the terrible cell phone shots… it was so dark i couldn’t take pictures with my canon! 😦 oh well. it was an amazing evening. at one of my favorite restaurants on the planet. so amazing. πŸ˜€ what an amazing food day!


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