time for a juice fast!

after my no carb left behind week i had it’s time to detox this poor body of mine. so today i started eating lighter in an attempt to prepare for a smoothie / juice / raw diet.


  • french press coffee (2 tbs sugar, rice milk)


cauliflower mash is nom nom nommy!
  • cauliflower mash (cauliflower, earth balance, salt, nutritional yeast & daiya cheddar)
  • green smoothie: coconut water, spinach, apple, green grapes, frozen strawberries, raspberries, peaches, banana & pineapple. vegan smoothie infusion, flax meal, gogi berries. yummmm!
mmmm. green smoothie before!


  • leftover cauliflower mash (so today i inhaled an entire head of cauliflower – YIKES!)

after run juice:

  • carrot / apple / spinach juice from my jucier!

it was a much lighter day with food. i’m really glad i went for a run tonight. i need to start making it a daily thing now that spring is here… time to get rid of my winter “fluff”. 😉

late night snack:

  • banana topped with raw cashew butter

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