cleaning out the cupboards!

in about 30 something days i’ll be moving away from my home in new york and heading back to south florida. the cabinets are full of all sorts of various food items. i have to get creative and use up what we have on hand. and also need easy peasy recipes because i’m busy packing up 65 years worth of grandma’s stuff… and 32 years of my own stuff! :/ so needless to say i’m a busy bee.

for lunch today i made pasta salad with gluten free quinoa pasta, sun dried tomatoes (in olive oil), orange bell pepper, spinach, and fresh tomatoes. i tossed it in a ginger miso dressing. super yum & really easy! 😀

pasta salad!

for dinner i made some chili and cornbread all with ingredients i had on hand. for the chili i used kidney beans, black beans & chickpeas. 1 can of tomato sauce, 1 can of stewed tomatoes, 1 fresh chopped tomato, oregano, cumin, chili powder, chopped onion, salt & pepper. i also added salsa & cilantro right before serving. i topped the chili with vegan sour cream and little cornbread squares. YUMMMM. granmda totally approved!

chili and cornbread from cleaning out the cupboards!


yesterday i was so busy i really didn’t have time to cook, so i threw a tofurky cheese pizza in the oven and had that for dinner. not something i normally do, but i’m honestly so busy there’s not much time allotted for cooking. 😦

tofurky cheese pizza with fresh tomatoes & cheddar daiya


a few days ago i made a chickpea curry. it’s from a new cookbook by dreena burton “let them eat vegan”. it was suppose to be almond coconut chickpea curry but i used peanut butter instead of almond butter. i think i didn’t add enough red curry or spices because i thought it was pretty bland. :/ i’ve never been great with curries. oh well.

peanut coconut chickpea curry

so this is what i’ll be making for the next few weeks. a bunch of concoctions with beans and quinoa and whatever else is hiding in the cupboards! easy, cheap & fast!



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