sleepover in the city

i had a few days “off” from my grandma obligations and decided to have a pj party in nyc with my friend lauren (and miyagi). we went to cafe blossom for dinner (our usual spot) and it was delicious as usual! it’s in walking distance to her apartment so we walked home afterwards!

Live Nachos


southern seitan sandwich with fries

the portions for the sandwiches are HUGE. i didn’t even make a dent in those fries. probably only finished a quarter of them! the seitan sandwich was DELISH! unfortunately for me they were out of cookie dough ice cream so i wasn’t able to get my favorite butterfinger shake! sad face.

friday morning lauren and i walked to a juice place we found via google: juice generation. they had a fun menu of juices, smoothies and acai bowls.

pure energy: wheatgrass, carrot, spinach, celery, apple, cucumber juice! (86 beets)

my juice was pretty amazing. i wasn’t impressed with the acai bowl, as i thought it would be fresh fruit and granola. it was more of a smoothie topped with some granola and a little bit of fresh fruit. it was good, but i was expecting something totally different. we had a great morning walk and a RAWsome breakfast! 🙂 happy friday!

super antioxidant bowl

i think it’s amazing that NYC has these great juice places all over! i wish these places would come to smaller cities and give healthy options instead of just fast food!


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