the past few days & tonight’s fabulous dinner!

to say that i’ve been busy would be an understatement. stressed? beyond stressed! so the past few days i’ve just been making really simple dishes. and since i am putting together a HUGE moving sale (yard, tag, garage – whatever you want to call it) this weekend, i have almost no time for cooking. in addition to the following meals, i have also been indulging in many green smoothies. can’t get enough. i go back and forth between spinach & kale. 😉

tempeh scramble in the works
tempeh scramble... GET IN MY BELLY!

i haven’t made tempeh in a while so i grabbed a few packages the last time i went to whole foods… so one day for lunch i made a tempeh scramble. i added onion, red bell pepper, zucchini, tomato, spinach, cheddar & mozzarella daiya! it was super delish and made enough for three meals!

loaded mashed potatoes!

i had some extra potatoes from the chickpea dish i made earlier in the week and decided i really wanted mashed potatoes. i added some fakin bacon bits, earth balance, cheddar daiya, nutritional yeast, rice milk, salt & pepper, and green onions! SUPER YUM. thankfully i only made one serving. i have NO self control when it comes to potatoes!

avocado sammy!

when i lived in california i lived off avocados. and now i’m spoiled. it’s hard for me to enjoy avocados anywhere else… i’ve found that most of the avocados i buy in new york never ripen well. it might have something to do with the way in which the avocados are shipped to our area. not sure. so i really have cut down the avocado intake since moving here. i found some really great ripe avocados in whole foods and decided to make my favorite sammy. super easy peasy! whole wheat bagel, topped with spinach, sliced tomato, vegan mayo & avocado slices. YUM. simple & DELISHHHHHH! 🙂

cheesy quinoa kale!

many times when i make brown rice, i’ll eat a batch with melted daiya. it’s one of my favorite things. so i made quinoa this week and steamed kale… i melted some daiya with it and discovered i have a new favorite side dish! cheesy qunioa kale! YUM YUM YUM. so good. i also added a bit of nutritional yeast, white pepper & sea salt. SO SO SO SO GOOD. highly recommended! 🙂

chickpea melt

today is “national grilled cheese day”. huh. well, i don’t eat cheese. so i think we need to rename it “national grilled daiya day”!!! 😉 in the oven i toasted a whole wheat bagel with some mozzarella & cheddar daiya… then i topped it with some sliced tomato & chickpea salad. my chickpea salad has 1 can mashed chickpeas (drained & rinsed), chopped pickle, vegan mayo, white pepper,  and sea salt. it’s probably my all time favorite thing in the world right now… so in honor of national grilled daiya day… this was my lunch today!

mushroom pecan burgers - wedge fries - cheesy quinoa kale

my newest addition to my cookbook collection is dreena burton’s let them eat vegan. it’s a great cookbook so far! tonight i decided to try the mushroom pecan burgers (which i tried in her last book but these were “new and improved”). i also made some wedge fries and a side of cheesy quinoa kale. SUPER YUMMY DINNER! i served this to my grandmother (except she had a burger bun) and she enjoyed it as well. i am NOT a fan of mushrooms, but this burger was delicious! i can tolerate mushrooms if they are ground  up in something like a mock meatloaf or a burger.

tomorrow i plan on making two pizzas to last me through the weekend… i might do a roasted eggplant pizza & a white pizza. this way i’ll just grab a slice when i need to eat during my very busy weekend. i know i’ll have no time for cooking. 😦


One thought on “the past few days & tonight’s fabulous dinner!

  1. Cheesy quinoa kale!?! I’m in!! I will have to try making a batch next week when I get home from my trip. Or you could just fly here and make me some. :o)

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