some juice and some carbs.

i’ve had a rough couple of days… in an effort to make myself feel better i made a delicious and healthy smoothie for lunch… and a delicious mac and cashew cheese for dinner. today was totally delicious.


  • french press coffee (cream & stevia)

i’m really trying to cut down on the sugar. i’m trying the stevia. so far it’s gross. it tastes like artificial sweetener. gross. 😦 i miss my sugar in the raw!


  • carrot / kale juice
  • banana, green apple, gogi berries, frozen strawberries, flax meal, vega smoothie infusion

blended together (used the carrot / kale juice instead of rice milk or coconut water) SOOOOOOO yummmmmm!

juice smoothie


  • mac and cashew cheese

i loosely followed this recipe: RECIPE by dreena burton. the cashew cheese was super simple… while the quinoa pasta shells were cooking i threw the cashew cheese ingredients in the vitamix. cashews, almonds, rice milk, water, dry mustard, garlic, olive oil, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, salt & arrowroot powder. when the noodles were done boiling i added the cheese sauce & noodles & some chopped tomatoes to a casserole dish and then topped with breadcrumbs & a mixture of daiya mozzarella & cheddar. cooked in the oven for 25 minutes. super easy & delicious.

vegan mac & cheese

after dinner i took miyagi to the park and walked a little over a mile. it was good to get some exercise and fresh air. especially after consuming an entire pint of so delicious coconut milk cookie dough ice cream last night. 😦 depression leads to unhealthy indulging for me. hoping today changed that trend….


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