cheeze itz… chili… and zucchini spelt muffins!

after seeing blog post after blog post about these daiya crisps i decide to see what the fuss was all about. OH EM GEE people. go out and buy a bag of daiya and make these! what are you waiting for!??!?! ((also, DAIYA – send me some wedges mang! my whole foods is lame!))

Daiya Crisps Before & After

so basically all you do is preheat your oven to 350. make little clumps of cheddar OR pepperjack daiya on a parchment lined cookie pan. i sprinkled some nutritional yeast & garlic powder on the cheddar daiya stacks. stick in the oven until the edges are crisp about 10-15 minutes. flip these suckers with a spatula & place back into the oven which you will now shut off. 😉 when they are totally crisp they are done. can we say addicted?!?!? it’s my new crispy kale! ;o) in fact this would be fantastic all crumbled up INTO a batch of krispy kale. i’m in love with daiya. all you vegetarians who are cheese addicts need to try this and go vegan already. pssssh.

for dinner i made some chili. i’m “cleaning out the cupboards” again… i used 3 types of beans… kidney, pinto & black beans. a can of diced tomatoes and some salsa.

beans beans they're good for your heart....

i added pepper & chili powder. also onion. once the chili was all bubbly and smelling divine i added some frozen corn…. i removed about two bowls worth & put into another pot, added some hamburger meat & mushrooms for my grams. these are quick and easy ideas for people who live in a veggie/non veggie household.

3 bean chili with pepperjack crisp

i’ve been in the mood to bake. i have some spelt flour sitting in the cabinet that i need to use up… so i decided to try making some spelt zucchini muffins from the vegan brunch cookbook.  they were super good. i added raisins even though isa likes hers without.

zucchini spelt muffins

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