lunch at yard house & a simple dinner

today i took my grams to lunch at the yard house. we rarely go out because yonkers is probably the worlds most vegan unfriendly city. true story… there are a plethora of applebees, nathans, mcdonalds, boston markets & pizza places but nothing vegan friendly. and there is nothing more i hate than going into these restaurants and asking them to make a special meal for me. it’s just not me. i don’t want to inconvenience the cook or server and then end up with meat or dairy in my dish anyway. i’ve just had too many miserable experiences so i’ve just learned to dine in vegan friendly restaurants only.

Calorie Count from Yard House Menu - via website

i know the calorie counts at yard house are ridiculous…. like some of the gardein dishes are 1800 calories. C R A Z Y !! !! !! i ordered the chicken bowl. it was good as usual. i really truly wish the yard house would just switch to daiya instead of actual cheese to make our vegan lives just a little easier. i mean why have vegan meat substitutes and then smother the dish in cheese and mayo based dressings. making the menu more vegan friendly wouldn’t be hard at all. come on yard house!!! get on board! 😉

lunch at yard house

for dinner i didn’t feel like slaving away in the kitchen so i quickly made a quesadilla with daiya pepperjack & salsa in whole wheat tortillas. super quick and easy. and YUM. 🙂

yummy quesadilla!

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