tofu scramble

i’m obsessed with tofu scrambles. however, as i try my best to avoid soy i limit my tofu consumption to once a week. i kept seeing tofu scrambles all over instagram and decided to make one for myself.

stephie’s tofu scramble

1 block extra firm tofu (remove moisture – i use a tofu press)
1 small onion diced
1 small zucchini chopped in half moons
1 small yellow squash chopped in half moons
1 small tomato chopped
green or red bell pepper diced
handful of fresh spinach
handful of cheddar daiya vegan cheese
nutritional yeast
salt, pepper, turmeric

mmmmm. good!


how to create this masterpiece:

i start by melting a tablespoon of earth balance in a large pan over medium heat. saute the onions, peppers and squash until tender. add the spices, the remaining veggies & crumbled tofu. combine everything well and cover. add the daiya, turn off the stove & cover for a few minutes (until melted). serve with toast or some fresh fruit. i added some shredded carrots before digging in.

you can add any combination of veggies and spices to your tofu scramble. it’s a super easy dish and i’ve found that even the pickiest of eaters love it.

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