a very vegan road trip

monday, may 07

cinnamon rolls yum!

i brought a cooler full of food from whole foods in the uhaul with us so we didn’t have to stop for breakfast or lunch! for breakfast we had our cinnamon rolls from blossom bakery. they were pretty decent.  we drank lots of starbucks to keep us awake and  snacked all day long. we stopped to visit my pal jenna & her baby anberlin in maryland. got stuck in some crazy traffic heading into richmond, virginia so stopped for a late lunch / early dinner picnic table style! so much fun! and i think i brought just the right stuff in the cooler! 😀

salad – guacamole – tortilla chips – fresh berries – kale chips
best picnic ever! ;o)
my blossom black and white cookie!

tuesday, may 08

starbucks breakfast!

we stopped in north carolina for some lunch. our choices were subway or taco bell so i did a little from each. i ordered a footlong veggie sub no cheese / no mayo from subway. at taco bell i ordered 2 soft tacos & 2 hard tacos with BEANS / LETTUCE / TOMATO only. (they love to put cheese & meat on everything so you have to make sure they get it before you leave with a non vegan taco!) since i was at a gas station / fast food counters i also grabbed a few bags of veggie chips and peanut butter filled pretzels. so yum! it wasn’t such a bad lunch. not the healthiest, but there aren’t too many choices along I95 in the carolinas!

we ended up taking a detour to savannah, georgia for the night as we didn’t feel like driving all the way through to orlando just yet. i thought because savannah was a fun funky artsy little town they would have lots of vegan offerings. i was wrong. there were a few places that showed up on my google maps / yelp search but nothing very impressive.

we chose the sentient bean because it was near the ghost tour we planned on attending that night. it was an odd little coffee shop. it happened to be open mic night and there were a variety of artsy people all around. i ordered the queso no queso and nikki had a bbq tofu wrap. the food was okay. i’m always happy to have vegan options wherever i dine so no complaints here. we skipped dessert and took a nice long walk to the waterfront to go on our ghost tour!

the sentient bean – no queso queso


wednesday, may 09

publix is my childhood grocery store. well i shopped there myself when i moved out on my own. only problem is… publix is only in florida and georgia so when i moved to cali and then new york i was deprived of all that publix has to offer. those of you that have wegmans consider yourself lucky because that my friends is the BEST grocery store in the world. true.story.


mmmmmmm publix subs are heaven!

miyagi and i were feeling lazy so we waited while nikki did some food shopping. she did GREAT. she came back to the uhaul with a veggie sub, tofurky, guacamole… hummus & pita chips… sunchips… starbucks coffees… SCORE! that sub was the best thing i had tasted in days. SO FREAKING YUM. i don’t usually even add the tofurky to my publix subs, but it was a nice addition! nikki is definitely getting the hang of this vegan thing! 😉

we ended up in orlando for the evening and went to the cheesecake factory with some friends and instead of eating i had three strawberry martinis. i was a little intoxicated. oy!

thursday, may 10

i know this is a food blog but i’m going to tell the cliff notes version of what happened because it does affect my diet a bit. i woke up before the sun (as usual) and found some thieves in our uhaul stealing all of my stuff. very long story short i lost $10,000 of computer equipment, my vitamix 😦 and many other valuable possessions. devastated doesn’t describe how i feel. not only can i not make my smoothies anymore, but i can’t really book any photography sessions without my computer, externals & software to edit on. 😦

i didn’t eat or drink anything till we arrived in hollywood (final destination). we stopped at my favorite pita plus and brought some falafel pitas back to my parents. i needed to put something in my stomach. 😦

i just got that vitamix! waited SEVEN YEARS to purchase it and used it every day for the three months i owned it. it will be a long time before i can replace all of my belongings. 😦 and uhaul insurance doesn’t cover theft so i’m not a very happy camper right now.



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