being vegan in florida… and a healthier me.

with all the stress from my family situation, the move, the robbery and now attempting to put my life back together i’ve been making bad choices with food. for the most part my meals have been healthy and almost soy free but the added snacks of cookies, candy & ice creams are NOT what i need right now. so back to my food journal i shall go! starting tomorrow i’ll be doing my breakfast lunch & dinner posts.

thursday i met some old friends for happy hour at a fort lauderdale bar that i’d never been to. turns out this bar has a fantastic menu… and veggie friendly too! i ordered the veggie burger (i checked with the waitress and manager that there was no egg or dairy) with no cheese or mayo. a side of sweet potato fries and a side order of roasted butternut squash & brussel sprouts. everything was pretty delish. the veggie burger was a bit on the soggy side and fell apart super easy but other than that i have no complaints! i would definitely choose tap 42 as a place to dine with my non veggie friends! they also have awesome beers but i’m not much of a drinker these days and i never did care for beer!

tap 42 – veggie burger – no cheese or mayo!

i haven’t really left my house much in the last week other than thursday… so i’ve been making little meals at home. since the majority of my kitchen items are in boxes or storage, there aren’t too many options for being creative.

avocado sammy on whole grain with flax bread – tomato – avocado – sprouts – veganaise

i’ve been sticking to salads for the time being… i just moved back in with my meat eating parents and don’t have much room for my kitchen necessities. so salads it is. i ate this beautiful salad yesterday for lunch. chickpea salad over spinach greens, cucumber, green pepper, cherry tomatoes, broccoli sprouts, and chopped carrots!

chickpea salad salad

this morning i had juice for breakfast. carrot / apple / kale. my favorite. 🙂

just keep juicing!

for lunch i made this wonderful kale salad. i massaged fresh ripe mango & avocado into the kale leaves. went into the fridge to marinate for a few hours. i added green bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, tomato and some mixed raw nuts. the salad didn’t really even need dressing, as the kale was coated with juicy mango & avocado! it was pretty delicious!

kale salad

for a snack i had a few baby carrots & a local veggie hummus i found at whole foods. for dinner i heated up a gardein meatless burger on spelt bread with daiya jack melted on top, sliced tomato, guacamole and sprouts! yum. the daiya jack wedge is the yummiest thing i’ve had in a long time. i like it SO MUCH when it’s melted. wow! super cheesy goodness! 😀

daiya wedge! super delicious when melted!

now if i could just get off my lazy depressed bum and start exercising…….. i have a goal. in 5 months i’ll be ready to run a 5k. this was a 2012 resolution and i need to do it for myself. so time to start training again… if it ever stops raining!


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