back to my food journal.


  • vega one with almond milk

trust me, i don’t love doing supplement shakes. but i don’t take vitamins (i have issues swallowing pills, err i just don’t) and i can’t make smoothies because my vitamix was stolen. so i don’t have many options and i’m not a huge breakfast fan to begin with. le sigh.


gardein burger
  • gardein burger on spelt bread with sunflower sprouts, daiya jack wedge sliced, sliced tomato & guacamole (UH MAZING. and YES i just ate this same thing for dinner late last night)
  • baby carrots with veggie hummus

afternoon snack:

  • venti soy mocha (no whip)

i know i’m suppose to not be drinking coffee… and it’s been a whole week since my last cup! so proud of me. but i’ve also been severely depressed and lethargic for the past week. so as a treat i had a latte. i’m also trying to cut down on soy so this wasn’t the best of ideas, but i needed some liquid happiness in my life….


  • green apple
  • small bag of sun chips
  • bottle of water

i was in a hurry to get out and see my favorite local band play so i just grabbed and apple & a bag of chips and ran out the door. today was not so healthy… back on track tomorrow. and perhaps i’ll even go for a run!

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