vegan hollywood food truck style…


  • carrot apple juice (8 carrots / 2 green apples)
carrot apple juice


  • cheesy quinoa kale
work in progress!

i love this meal so much! i’m sure adding some jerk tofu or bbq tempeh would be a really nice addition but i’m trying to avoid soy as much as i can! so i start by steaming some kale… when the kale is tender i add the cheddar daiya shreds and cover so the daiya can melt! cook quinoa according to directions (MAKE SURE YOU RINSE QUINOA BEFORE COOKING OR IT WILL TASTE LIKE POO).  mix all ingredients together once quinoa is finished and add nutritional yeast, salt & pepper. eat. enjoy. YUM.

cheesy quinoa kale!


  • mixed nuts with raisins


when i was in florida last february to visit i had the chance to visit the food truck rally in downtown hollywood. unfortunately for me there were not very many options for vegans. sad face. tonight however was another story! veggie xpress was part of the line up and i was super excited!

hollywood young circle

i couldn’t decide between the eggplant dish (their most popular) or the sausage and peppers (the chef’s favorite) so i went with the man behind the grill and ordered his favorite… what i loved most about the sausage is that it was HOMEMADE… not store bought sausages filled with soy! happy day! i also ordered “the addiction” dessert. the sausage was super spicy and delicious. it was a tasty sandwich.

“sausage” and peppers
miyagi loves dog friendly events!
get your own dessert pug!

“the addiction” is made with almond butter, organic brown rice cereal, agave nectar, powdered soy milk and coconut oil. can’t wait to try the eggplant dish next time!

Veggie Xpress
Food Truck

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