today was a great day!


  • french press coffee (splash almond milk & raw sugar)


sweet potato curry soup
  • sweet potato curry soup
  • green wave burrito
  • raw cashew cheesecake with strawberry
raw burrito

so i was out running errands with my mom most of today and asked her if she wanted to try green wave cafe. she agreed and we had a pretty yummy lunch. i wanted to try something new since i’ve already had the “cheeseburger” i opted for the burrito. the burrito was good, but i don’t think it compares to the “cheeseburger”! my mom tried the special pad thai and said it was good but mentioned it wasn’t very spicy and didn’t come with a variety of veggies as we were told it would. it was made of nori noodles and had some shredded carrots but that was the only veggie we could see. i’ll stick to the “cheeseburger” next time! i wanted her to leave with a smile on her face so we split the cashew cheesecake with strawberries. so so so so good. it was thick and rich and delicious!

RAWsome cheesecake!


  • green smoothie (almond milk, banana, mango, kale, green apple, frozen strawberries)
  • grilled daiya sammy (daiya cheddar wedge)

yes, that’s right i said green smoothie. one of the errands i ran this morning was to my local costco store. i called this morning and was told the vitamix roadshow ends TOMORROW!!!!!!! so glad i called! we ran over to costco and i picked up a WHITE vitamix this time and i got the grain attachment as well. it was still expensive but slightly less expensive than the vitamix website. i just can’t function without my vitamix. i’ve been wanting to go raw for the rest of the summer and couldn’t really do it with only a juicer here at my parents house…. so happy to have a vitamix in my life again!

if anyone plans on purchasing a vitamix make sure you contact costco ahead of time. they only sell them once a year (usually summer i believe). i know the new york area will have them in july!


have you tried the daiya wedges yet? OH MY CHEESY GOODNESS WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!? the wedge is way better than the shreds. i’ve been eating grilled daiya sammies almost every day. THEY ARE AMAZING. i can not wait to get my hands on the havarti flavor. the jack was okay. better melted than not. the cheddar is freaking incredible. i can’t wait to make nachos with it! YUM.

grilled daiya sammy!

the past few days were pretty uneventful, as  i wasn’t really eating much. the only noteworthy meal i had was some sliced apples & banana with raw almond butter. yum! hopefully now that i’ll be eating 90% raw i’ll be posting more often! yay smoothies!

apples – bananas – raw almond butter

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