just keep juicing!

so this morning i woke up with every intention of starting a juice fast. i woke up at 7 am and went back to sleep until 9 am. at 9 am i went to the kitchen to make my first juice of the day. while i was washing the veggies i started to feel super sick. i ignored it and just kept prepping my veggies. i made the juice but by the last carrot i had to turn the juicer off and go sit down on the couch. my whole body was numb & tingly & i was almost in black out status. i haven’t fainted in years. i drank my juice and thankfully the nauseous feeling went away. i went back to sleep and slept till noon. after that i was pretty okay the rest of the day, but this was NOT the way i wanted to start off a juice fast. i have no idea why i almost fainted!


  • carrot / apple / spinach / pineapple JUICE
breakfast juice!


  • tomato / cucumber / kale / apple / carrot / red bell pepper JUICE
juice juice juice!


avocado sammy!
  • avocado sammy. (multi grain with flax bread, avocado, veggie hummus, tomato, sunflower sprouts & spinach)

i folded. i have no willpower when it comes to my stomach.  i really wanted to do 7 days juice only but i really had a hard time today.

i watched engine 2 kitchen rescue last night and realize that part of my dietary issues is oil. i am always gorging away with earth balance, daiya and other oily foods! so it’s probably not just soy & sugar making my skin break out. oil is another possible culprit.

so instead of the reboot i really wanted to do, i’ll just eliminate the bad things. i’ll eat as healthy as possible. every day. but i also plan to incorporate as much juice & raw foods into my diet as i can!


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