too lazy to cook !! !! !!

since failing my juice fast i haven’t really felt like cooking much. the first thing is my parents are far from vegan. most of my kitchen stuff is in storage… so it’s hard to figure out what i want and do i have what i need to prepare it. i’ve also been running low on groceries. so i’ve been going out. daily. (not so good since i don’t have paycheck yet!) so here’s a recap of the past few days…

green wave cafe
plantation, florida

i love this raw cafe. super yum. i stopped in for a quick bite. had my favorite entree… the vegan “cheeseburger”. so delish. yum yum yum!

vegan cheeseburger at green wave cafe

decided to try the raw brownie this time… was super rich but not so brownie like. not my favorite raw dessert. it served its purpose though… curbed my sweets craving. at least this brownie i don’t have to feel guilty about!

raw brownie

in an effort to save some money & eat at home… i made a pasta dish. it turned out okay. i am trying not to use oil when cooking and let’s just say that things just don’t taste as good. i miss olive oil, earth balance & daiya. 😦

roasted some veggies for the pasta

i roasted some zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus and carrots (topped with thyme, salt & white pepper)  in the oven at 410 degrees for 30 minutes.

my favorite brand of pasta!! !! !!
mmmm yum!

i topped the pasta with the roasted veggies, sliced cherry tomatoes and nutritional yeast. the pasta still wasn’t as flavorful as i wanted…. perhaps some earth balance or cheddar daiya would have been a nice edition… but i’m trying to cut the oil consumption down… so eh. it wasn’t my favorite meal in the world.

S M O O T H I E S ! ! ! !

i’ve been putting miss mix-a-lot to work every day! smoothies smoothies and more smoothies! i’m a green smoothie addict. this morning i even used freshly made carrot juice instead of the coconut water. love that. i heart my vitamix! 🙂

for lunch today i grabbed a falafel pita from pita plus in hollywood. my favorite pita place in the world. yum.

my mom and i went out to run some errands and stopped by pizza fusion for dinner. i LOVE the concept of pizza fusion but i’ll admit it’s not my absolute favorite pizza. (after having fellinis, bowzers & lanesplitters in san francisco it’s hard to compete!) and they only had follow your heart (SOY) cheese even though the menu said they have daiya so that was a bit disappointing. pizza fusion offers a great variety of vegan AND gluten free options which makes me super happy. tonight i opted for just a vegan cheese pizza. it was delish. i love the multi grain crust.

vegan cheese pizza

and of course i couldn’t leave without a vegan brownie. when i lived in wilton manors years ago i’d order a pizza for delivery JUST TO GET THE BROWNIE. yes. i’m seriously that lazy. no, i think the brownies are just that good.

pizza fusion
fort lauderdale, florida

so we made a trip to whole foods tonight and i vow to cook a few dinners this week. my mom is open to eating my cooking so… we shall see how she likes my vegan cuisine.


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