fighting a cold!

sorry for my lack of posts lately. i started feeling under the weather on tuesday to full blown sick on wednesday & today. ech. started with a sore throat and now it’s in my sinuses. hoping to kick it before the weekend. my sick regimen is as follows:

  • fresh carrot / orange juice (8 carrots / 2 oranges through the juicer)
  • chick-un noodle soup (water, better than bouillon no chicken, ramen noodles, chopped carrots & nutritional yeast) normally there is bok choy & celery in my get well soon soup… but i used what i had in the house, as i was in no condition to be out in public!
  • lots and lots of water
  • sovereign silver (bio-active silver hydrosol spray) immune system booster!
  • hot tea with agave nectar (a few times daily)

hopefully all of my remedies combined will fight this cold without me having to go to a clinic and being on antibiotics – blech!

last night i made vegan tacos for my mom. i’m trying to cook really simple things, because she eats fairly simple meals normally… so tacos are perfect.  i used the blue corn taco shells which i toasted in the oven with cheddar daiya shreds (so they get all melty). for taco fillings i made a guacamole (avocado, lime juice, cilantro, garlic), newmans own pineapple salsa, spinach leaves, and refried black beans with some regular salsa mixed in. can you say YUM? it was really good. i was not feeling well and didn’t get any photos. boo!

tonight i made black eyed pea & tempeh bean balls, quinoa spaghetti, marinara sauce, garlic toast & salad for our dinner. it came out okay. i wish i had some daiya mozzarella to smother everything in. the bean ball recipe came from appetite for reduction cookbook. the marinara was super easy and delicious. i used a 32 oz can of roasted crushed tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic, one onion chopped, dried basil & thyme, 1/4 of water, salt & pepper. overall a decent dinner. i miss having all of my kitchen appliances. can not wait to have my own kitchen again!

quinoa pasta, homemade marinara, garlic toast & salad

hoping to get over to the local farmers market this weekend. buy some quality fruits & veggies. i bought 6 oranges & a small bag of carrots yesterday and they are GONE already. (carrot / orange juice: one last night, one this morning and one this afternoon!) so it’s definitely time to stock up.


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