my vegan eats for the past week

tomatoes & avocado & cilantro with “honey”mustard dressing

so i’ve been sick. haven’t been eating a lot… but getting lots of fluids. delicious juices & smoothies. and trying to eat a lot of raw foods. i wasn’t in the mood for anything elaborate so freshly sliced tomatoes & avocado it is!

leftovers!! yum!

remember the pasta with black eyed pea & tempeh bean balls i made for my mom? i had leftover sauce & balls so i added some daiya mozzarella and mmmmmm a nice meal of leftovers! so so so so so good. who needs pasta? pffffft!

healthy breakfast!

i’m on a cereal for breakfast kick the past few days. this is muesli (soaked for 10 minutes in almond milk) with sliced bananas on top. so good! it’s so easy to eat cold meals in florida due to the disgusting humidity & heat! have also been drinking TONS of carrot orange juice straight out of the juicer!

only snack i purchased at whole foods! so proud of myself!

mmmm. have you tried these seaweed snacks? i lub them. and i am SO proud of myself for going to whole foods TWICE in one week and NOT buying cookies, doughnuts, ice cream………..

homemade bleu cheese dressing & crudites

i know i’m suppose to NOT be eating soy… but my new york whole foods didn’t carry this product. so i’ve missed it. and once upon a time i LOVED dipping my crudites in bleu cheese dressing. so i made my own cow friendly bleu cheese dressing. just add vegan mayo & minced garlic to your crumbled bleu cheese and yum! you have yourself some vegan bleu cheese. (there are other fancier ways of making it using other ingredients but i didn’t have them on hand so i improvised and made a super simple version!)


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