feeling 100% better today!

today i finally enjoyed a cup of coffee from my french press. it’s been over a week. my plague is gone! yippeee! now on to some hardcore cooking. or un-cooking.


  • french press coffee (splash almond milk, sugar)
  • muesli (soaked in almond milk for 10 minutes) with sliced bananas

finally getting back into the groove of eating more meals per day. i’m making breakfast a priority.

lunch & after gym snacks:

sushi roll wrapped in cucumber
veggie roll
  • 2 vegetable sushi rolls with ginger dressing
  • kale chips
  • green smoothie (spinach, green apple, gogi berries, kiwi, strawberries, green grapes, hemp protein, flaxmeal, frozen banana)
anastacia approves!
baking a few batches of kale chips!


  • sweet potato bowl (from Engine 2 Diet book) diced sweet potato, red bell pepper, avocado, mango, cilantro, lime juice and balsamic vinegar

dinner was actually pretty yummy! mom liked it too. she ate hers with fish. hey, baby steps, right? many of the recipes in the engine 2 book were heavy with soy products…. i plan on just reading the book and maybe not using all of the recipes. this one was definitely a keeper!

sweet potato bowl


  • kale chips!!! what can i say? i’m an addict!

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